"unus putt rego lemma totus"

Tony 'TK Max' Kelly

Debut: BMGA BRITISH OPEN 2008, Strokes, Margate, 13th & 14th September 2008 (51st)

Competition history:




  • GREEN OPEN, The Green, Hither Green, 18th December 2010 (10th)
  • BMGA CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS,  The Green, Hither Green, 28th November 2010 (Kent Hurricanes 4th)
  • KENT OPEN, Lost Island Encounter, Sidcup, 14th November 2010 (2nd)
  •  KENT INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT, Lost Island Encounter, Sidcup, 14th November 2010 (8th)
  • WORLD CRAZY GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP, Hastings Seafront, Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st October 2010 (8th)
  • FAKE CRAZIES, Hastings Seafront, 17th October 2010 (6th)
  • BMGA BRITISH OPEN, Planet Hastings (Clambers), Hastings, 18th & 19th September 2010 (25th)
  • BMGA PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP, Planet Hastings (Clambers), Hastings, 17th September 2010 (dnq)
  • PLANET HASTINGS CRAZY GOLF OPEN, Hastings, 5th September 2010 (13th)
  • KMGC MEGABOWL, Planet Hastings (Clambers), Hastings, 8th August 2010 (6th)
  • BMGA LONDON OPEN, The Green, Hither Green, 1st August 2010 (7th)
  • BMGA BRITISH MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP, Splash Point, Worthing, 4th July 2010 (6th)
  • BMGA BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP, Wroxham Barns, 5th & 6th June 2010 (15th)
  • BMGA DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIPS, Stratford Upon Avon, 25th April 2010 (The Wags 9th)
  • MIDLANDS OPEN, Stratford Upon Avon, 24th April 2010 (6th)
  • BRITISH MASTERS, Jurassic Encounter, New Malden, 21st March 2010 (11th)
  • THE JURASSIC CLASSIC,  Jurassic Encounter, New Malden, 20th March 2010 (4th)
  • ENGLISH OPEN 2010, Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf, Bristol, 28th February 2010 (17th)
  • KMGC SWEDISH FELT CHAMPIONSHIP 2010, The Green, Hither Green, 21st February 2010 (4th)
  • NATIONAL OPEN 2010, Star City Adventure Golf, Birmingham, 24th January 2010 (12th)
  • CUP CAKE CLASSIC 2009, Seafront Courses, Hastings, 3rd January 2010 (7th)


  • KENT OPEN, Strokes, Margate, 1st November 2009 (10th)
  • WORLD CRAZY GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP, Hastings Seafront, Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th October 2009 (25th)
  • LONDON OPEN, Staines, 10th October (15th)
  • BMGA BRITISH OPEN, Strokes, Margate, 19th & 20th September 2009 (32nd)
  • BMGA BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP, Hastings, 4th & 5th July 2009 (22nd)
  • BMGA ENGLISH OPEN, Wroxham Barns, Norfolk, 10th May 2009 (25th))


Tournament wins: BRITISH SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP 2011, 2012 CUP CAKE CLASSIC, Puttermania 1

Career Winnings to date: 375

Course records: EXPLORERS, Sidcup - 35

Current BMGA Ranking: 7th


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